E pluribus unum = out of many, one

Starting with the freight data you use every day, Maestro identifies and consolidates various commodities and sizes of shipments across multiple locations into full, truckload stop-offs. In real time and using real data (rates, transit times, appointments, etc.), Maestro can create a multitude of routing and cost options for the logistics manager to select and proceed with.

Inside the PORTAL, Maestro can automatically use the freight data all ready populated either historically or live to run optimizing and “what-if” scenario’s against your current spend.

Outside the PORTAL, just populate the freight spreadsheet and upload any varying degree of shipments and modes into Maestro to generate load plans.

Maestro works along side pre-existing carrier and 3PL contracts without interference, is flexible to use when needed and can optimize across multiple modes and countries for international shipping.




Once your load plan is generated, secure capacity using your PORTAL or have our operations staff quote you a discounted, spot market rate based on the weight and amount of space your freight takes on the trailer.

If the generated load plan doesn’t work based on tribal knowledge, you can always tweak the optimizer and run again or resort to traditional modes and pricing.


Contact our team today with a shipment sample and see what Maestro holds in store for you.

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