Our roots are humble and modest,  moving full truckloads of fresh produce from the west coast back east for local grocers, food banks and distributors.

In ’78, the two lone employees of L&M Transportation generated $2 million in revenue and ushered in what is now a multi-million dollar transportation brokerage firm.

Today, LMTS has six locations nationwide with over 50 employees and offers a suite of truckload brokerage services including refrigerated, dry van, specalized, flat bed, and expedited. Click here to check out their website.



At the turn of the century, the growing market shift in the logistics arena gave life to what would be a new division and focus at LMTS. Concentrating on the role of technology and process efficiency in the supply chain, LMTS Plus was born.

Don Buckey, brother of seasoned LMTS veteran Dave Buckey, joined LMTS from Roadway to help usher in this new division. Along with Dry Freight VP Tom Devine, they went to work shaping the core pillars and strategy of the division.

What came from this was the idea that great products, truly life redefining products, are born from great processes. How you approach the building or enhancement of such a process comes in two points of concentration: the three pillars of success and the PLUS Model for continuous improvement.



TECHNOLOGY to power the future. A transportation management system that lets you see what you need to see and execute not only on the shipping dock but in the board room.

The right PEOPLE, who look to the stars and never turn back. People who push forward no matter what. People with their fingers on the pulse of the industry and don’t ask what or how but why.

And finally, what we began with: the PROCESS. It’s the cause that we set out towards; the very thing that will leave our mark on the Earth centuries after we’re all gone. It’s the goal.



Continuous improvement is a must not only for implementing new ideas and improving on old ones, but for measuring how well you are doing and what you can do better.

What we practice at LMTS Plus is the idea of being our own constant, dissatisfied customer. Never being comfortable with the status quo, we champion the cause of always improving, tinkering, and bettering the way we do things.

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