After we created the PORTAL, the next logical feet was how do you take the same ideas and expound upon them on a larger if not global scale? What we came up with was partnerSHIP. Extending the same theme as within the PORTAL, partnerSHIP places the focus on creating top down and bottom up visibility for you and your logistics partners on a limitless scale.

The three primary services encompass partnerSHIP are:



You can manage what you can’t see or better yet you can’t leverage what you can’t see.

Integrating your PORTAL with not only your other systems but with your logistics partners and vendors software and processes can create a transparent look into every action within the life cycle of your product. Moreover, you would have built a sustainable engine for driving efficiency by focusing on trouble spots in your supply chain and applying the appropriate amount of time and effort.

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Integrating your PORTAL will enable you to connect your supply chain dots, apply KPIs throughout, mitigate risk on a global scale, and drive value straight down to your customer and your customer’s customer.



One surefire result that will come from integration will be a mountain of raw data to process and make sense of. This reality is what led us to develop Freight Analytics as a serviceable idea in our offering.

Our team can breakdown the flood of numbers and apply existing KPIs, develop new metrics, build your benchmark and coach you through getting the most out of your new found knowledge on how you do what you do. The road map to supply chain success is paved with intelligence and that’s why we want to arm you with everything you’ll need to make the best possible decision every time.





One unforeseen side affect of supporting a broader supply chain strategy is the amount of extra manpower some tasks require. It’s nothing efficiency can address but just the reality of the situation.

Boosting your operations staff with ours can create a co-managed situation that will enable you to tackle even the most labor intensive projects. Our logistics team of dispatchers and coordinators are ready to assist with asset procurement, freight management, rate negotiation and claims administration.


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